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Borno govt frowns at retired officers sitting tight in offices



The Borno Civil Service Commission has raised concerns over refusal by retired officers to hand over office.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the commission raised the concerns in a circular signed by the Ministerial Secretary of the commission, Ngada Idris.

The commission observed in the circular sent to ministries, departments and agencies, that the development was becoming rampant and needed to be stopped.

“The Civil Service Commission has observed with concern the attitude of some civil servants who even after mandatory retirement from service retained their offices.

“Reports of refusal by retired officers to hand over or vacate their offices are becoming rampant these days.

“It is illegal for any retired officer not to vacate his or her office or handover the schedule to the next most senior officer for any reason.

“The Civil Service Commission shall no longer tolerate such impunity by any retired officer or chief executive who disregarded lawful authority in the civil service.

“To ensure absolute confidentiality in government business, no retired officer is allowed to handle official documents a day longer than necessary,’’ the circular stated.

It warned that the commission in collaboration with the Office of the State’s Head of Service would track culprits for necessary action. (NAN)

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