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YouTube suspends Trump’s channel for one week



YouTube says it is suspending President Donald Trump for at least one week or even longer, after his channel was found violating the platform’s policies, the company said Tuesday evening.

A recent video on Trump’s channel had incited violence, YouTube told CNN.

That video has now been removed.

YouTube declined to share details of the video that earned Trump the strike, but said that after the one-week timeout, it will revisit the decision.

Until now, YouTube had been the only remaining major social media platform not to have suspended Trump in some fashion.

Recall that Facebook has suspended Trump’s account “indefinitely,” while Twitter has banned Trump completely.

YouTube also said it will be taking the extra step of disabling comments underneath videos on Trump’s channel.

Under YouTube’s policies, earning a second strike will result in a two-week suspension and three strikes will result in a permanent ban.

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