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BREAKING: After its failure to make food cheaper for Nigerians, Buhati to reopen country’s border



Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday, disclosed that the Federal Government will soon reopen the country’s borders.

This was made known via his official Twitter handle.

Buhari stressed that the government arrived at the decision after consultations with the 36 state governors in Abuja.

According to the president, the decision to shut the borders was taken to prevent movement of weapons and drugs, among other things, into the country.

His tweet reads:

“In my meeting with State Governors today I explained that the closure of Nigeria’s land borders was partly an attempt to control the smuggling in of weapons and drugs. Now that the message has sunk in with our neighbours,we’re looking into reopening the borders as soon as possible,” he tweeted.

Furthermore, the president assured that his administration was determined to secure the country.

In response to the widespread criticisms of the country’s security situation, he explained that Government has made investment in military equipment to boost the nation’s security.

He added that relevant stakeholders should assist in information-sharing and gathering for the betterment of the country.

“Intelligence-gathering is also very critical to ensuring lasting security in Nigeria.

“In this regard, everyone has a role to play, in addition to the security agencies: Governors, traditional rulers, community leaders, citizens.

“We must all work to boost intelligence-gathering.

“We are investing heavily in weapons and equipment for our military.

“They have already received armoured cars and other equipment, and aircraft, and more will come in.

“We will continue to give them all the support they need to fight criminals. We must and will secure Nigeria,” he stated.

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