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Twitter CEO Tackles Donald Trump Over ‘False’ Claim On Censored Video 



Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has tackled U.S. President Donald Trump for allegedly making a false claim that his campaign tribute to George Floyd was illegally pulled down from the social media platform.

Floyd, a 47-year-old African-American, was alleged to have been killed by a white American police officer, Derek Chauvin, through suffocation.

Trump had suggested that the removal of the video where he paid tribute to Floyd was part of alleged moves by Twitter to give Democrats an edge over him ahead of the U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 3, 2020.

The U.S. president also suggested that Twitter violated provisions of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of the United States.

“They are fighting hard for the Radical Left Democrats. A one sided battle. Illegal. Section 230!” the U.S president tweeted.

But responding, Dorsey said contrary to Trump’s claims, the video was disabled due to DCMA complaint it received from the original owner of the material.

In a terse response, the Twitter CEO said: “Not true and not illegal. This was pulled because we got a DMCA complaint from copyright holder.”

The DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998) is a U.S. copyright law that ensures protection of intellectual property.

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