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Rampaging Soldiers ‘Attack’ COVID-19 Task Force In Borno, Kills One, Injure Many 



Some Nigerian soldiers have reportedly attacked and injured members of the Borno State Coronavirus (COVID-19) task force while trying to gain access into the state on Saturday.

The soldiers were said to have also removed the barricade at an entry point of the state and allowed travellers free entry against the ban on interstate travel by the federal government.

In trying to forcefully enter the state, the soldiers rammed into a patrol truck of the state’s rapid response squad, thereby killing the driver, reports Premium Times.

The report said the soldiers threatened to shoot at members of the task force led by the state attorney general and a commissioner of health.

The Nigerian Army has yet to issue a statement on the incident, likewise the Borno State government.

Meanwhile, as of Friday night, figures released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) showed that Borno had recorded a total of 423 COVID-19 cases.

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