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Madagascar demands N78.2m from Nigeria for COVID-19 herbal drug 



The federal government of Madagascar has asked Nigerian government to pay the sum of  170, 000 Euros (N78, 200,000) for the COVID- 19 herbal drug sent to the country.

Nigeria had received the Madagascar cure last week, but the government said the drug would undergo clinical tests to determine its safety for consumption.

The Nation reports that a source said, “For our consignments in Guinea Bissau, Madagascar has asked Nigeria to pay over €170,000 (N78, 200,000). We have received the invoice because the African country has made us realise that the drugs are not being given out free.”

According to the report, the source said the government has been, “asked to pay for the drugs yet to be validated. Since the AU directed the supply of the drugs to African countries, we may have no choice than to pay for it.”

“This payment may, however, be one-off because mass importation of the drugs from Madagascar will not be cost-effective. By the time we take into account the cost of freight, the amount will be too high. This is why we are looking at local options available to us as a nation.

“Some researchers have told us that we have richer herbs to contain COVID-19. In fact, a shop in Wuse 2, Abuja has been discovered to be selling Artemisia Tea with high potency than COVID- 19 drugs.

“As a nation, we will leave all options open and look inwards. But, we will subject Madagascar herbal drugs to verification or validation.”

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