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Edo trado-medical scientist discovers herbs for Coronavirus



The author of “Tradocracy” and other books, Odion Obumese, who is also a trained medical scientist, says he has led a team of medical scientists to discover herbs that cure covid-19. Odion, the unapologetic traditionalist and proponent of Tradocracy, a system of government based on traditional political institutions, disclosed this to Vanguard in an interview last weekend in Edo State.

“The herbs treat respiratory viruses,” Odion says. “They also help in pneumonic condition, treat malaria parasites, improve immunity, induce expectorant action and help in respiratory distress. I am appealing to the Federal Government and the Minister of Health to invite me and my team for trials and confirmation. We hear that they want to go for Madagascar herbs when we have our own herbs here in Nigeria. We will unveil the details and workings of the drugs to the appropriate health body when they invite us for a demonstration.”

According to Odion, “The active ingredients in the herbs are known, as well as their phytochemistry. The Pharmacokinetics of the drugs and its distribution in the body has also been carried out. Some of the herbs are foods we eat while others are pure herbs. The food herbs induce therapeutic activities in the patient’s body systems. All foods are drugs but not all drugs are foods depending on how the food is tailored for treatment.

“I recommended one of the herbs to the Speaker of a State House of Assembly when he was sick. He is well now and he has testified to the efficacy of the herbs. I also recommended the herbs to some infected Nigerians in Europe and today they are all doing well and free of covid-19. The actions of these herbs are anti-viral in nature and immune-boosting.

Odion says Nigerians must be encouraged. “We cannot continue to depend on foreign medical experts to solve our medical problems. I advise the Federal Government to incorporate herbal medicine into the medical schools of Nigerian universities and to set up traditional teaching hospitals for treatment, training and research.

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