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ASUP condemns illegal deduction of salary by FG, threatens to embark on ‘post-pandemic strike’



The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, ASUP, says the new Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) has been fraught with several inconsistencies, especially in the mode of payment and ‘illegal’ deductions from its members’ salaries, by the government.

It therefore called for the reversal of the old payment system of salaries.

In a statement signed by its Secretary General, Shammah Kpanja and made available to Daily Correspondents the union labeled the new payment system as ridiculous and unbelievable.

“The amount released as salaries to staff varied from the unbelievable to the ridiculous. Payments were greeted with omissions, underpayment, lack of implementation of promotions and annual increments, lack of third-party deductions, unacceptable tax rates and mutilations in allowances.

“As of 15th of May 2020, staff of only one Federal Polytechnic in the country has been paid their salaries without allowances. The remaining Federal Polytechnics have been left to contend with selective payments of April salaries to staff, in some of the polytechnics, the situation is as bad as 80% of staff yet to be paid their April salaries. In addition, various sums deducted as Union check off dues since February 2020 are yet to be remitted to the Unions,” he said.

Meanwhile, ASUP also said it is ready to undergo a post-pandemic shutdown if their demands are not met within the ample time given to the government.

“The nation should hold the government responsible for any eventual post pandemic shut down of the system, as ample time has been given for a rectification of the challenges identified and communicated to the government as contained in the Union’s NEC resolutions of March, 2020,” Kpanja said.

He added: “Attempts at seeking explanations over the unusual event from the concerned agency of government has been fruitless. At the moment, families of our members and their dependents have been in hunger, especially in this difficult period. Thus far, the system has proved a colossal failure in our sector, with legitimate earnings of members trapped in an opaque manner.”

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