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9,444 health workers treating patients in Spain infected with Coronavirus



Spain’​s coronavirus death toll has risen by 769 in the country’s largest single-day surge, with reports saying 9,444 health workers treating patients have also tested positive for the virus and bringing the total number of deaths to 4,858.

The Spanish health ministry announced the latest figures on Friday, adding that 64,059 people were now infected with the virus, up from 56,188 over the past 24 hours.

Among these confirmed cases, it said that 9,444 health workers had also tested positive for coronavirus.

Only Italy has lost more lives following the outbreak of Covid-19, having reported 8,215 deaths to date.

Spain ranks fourth for the number of confirmed cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The country’s rate of infection has increased by a fifth and almost 27,000 people are currently being treated in hospital.

In Madrid, the country’s worst-affected region, an ice rink has been converted into a morgue while Real Madrid have said their Santiago Bernabeu stadium will be used to store medical supplies.

On Thursday, Spain extended its coronavirus lockdown for another two weeks until 11 April. Under current rules, people are banned from leaving home except for buying essential supplies and medicines, or for work.

Amid a global shortage in protective equipment, the Spanish government said it was fighting a “war”.

“We are in a real war to get hold of ventilators, face masks and quick test kits,” budget minister Maria Jesus Montero said on Thursday. “All the countries are fighting to secure domestic production, fighting to get supplies from China.”

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