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US air force approves Turbans, hijabs for Muslim personnel



The US air force has updated its dress code to accommodate Muslims and Sikhs who want to serve in the military.

According to CNN, a new guideline Muslims and Sikhs can now wear turbans, beards, unshorn hair and hijabs “as long as their appearance is neat and conservative”.

Previously, Sikhs and Muslims serving in the air force individually requested religious accommodations that were granted on a case-by-case basis.

Approval is usually given but after a lengthy process.

According to the new guidelines, the final review for the accommodation must take place within 30 days for cases in the US, and 60 days for all other cases.

Going by the development, airmen can now expect the religious accommodation to follow them through their career.

While some Sikh and Muslim advocacy organisations said the move was a significant step toward inclusion, others said the military needs to do more.

“We support these new guidelines as a step toward religious accommodation and inclusion for military personnel of all faiths,” Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement.

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